Milstein Surgical Science Building

New York Presbyterian Hospital

In 1992-1993, the Milsteins named the Medical/Surgical Endoscopy Suite in Harkness Pavilion. Moving into the new millennium, the Paul Milstein Institute for Surgical Science became a home for basic scientists as well as post-graduate trainees in 1999. Its mission: preventing and curing chronic illness by joining basic science with the developing novel preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. The Institute houses clinical and basic research projects focusing on a wide range of topics, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, tumor immunology and angiogenesis, and organ preservation. This network of coordinated laboratories, each with its own director and area of interest, often advances progress in other laboratories within the Division of Surgical Science in the Department of Surgery.

As such, the Milstein Institute is seeding the future of medicine with an extraordinary cadre of surgical scientists. The cutting edge scientists it supports have discovered a receptor for various chronic and acute afflictions. The mechanism is a compound aptly named “RAGE” – and it just may hold the key to curing the major medical scourges of our time.

The Milstein Surgical Science Laboratories opening ceremony in 2003.