Paul Milstein Hall

Cornell College of Architechture

The Milsteins are among Cornells great families in the Universitys history.

-David Skorton, President, Cornell University

Starting in the 1970s, two generations of Milsteins have attended Cornell University. These include three of the four children of Paul and Irma Milstein and four of their grandchildren. The Milsteins have made long-standing contributions to Cornell’s medical school as well as funded initiatives that have advanced many other Cornell programs such as the College of Architecture.

Cornell University College of Architecture is the top-ranked undergraduate program for architecture in the U.S., known for enabling outstanding scholarship and creating the best learning environment for students and faculty. In recent years it became clear that the current facilities were no longer sufficient to meet the growing needs of one of the most competitive undergraduate programs in the country. PIM Foundation responded to this challenge with the dedication of Paul Milstein Hall in 2007. The new building will become a breakthrough facility for Cornell University as it physically unites the Departments of City and Regional Planning, Art, and Architecture for the first time, while providing a contemporary platform for one of the oldest and most venerable programs in the country. As such, Paul Milstein Hall will have the same catalyzing effect on the Cornell campus that Milstein development has had in New York City.

“Paul Milstein Hall will be an extraordinary new addition to AAP’s suite of buildings, providing the academic and physical ‘center of gravity’ for the design arts at Cornell. With 22,000 square feet of open studio space, a lecture hall for 275 people, and 6,900 square feet of critique space, Milstein Hall will make it possible for AAP to radically reconfigure the way design is taught. From a pedagogical point of view, the building will be transformative.”

– Dean Kent Kleinman, Cornell University School of Architecture


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Dedication of Paul Milstein Hall
Howard Milstein pays tribute to his father at the dedication of Paul Milstein Hall